Dog Services

We will always take time to communicate with you so we know exactly what style you would like for your pet. Prices are estimates only based on pets being groomed on a regular schedule of every 2-6 weeks. Prices are also dependent on coat condition, type of haircut and time spent. Many extras are included as we want to give your pet the very best grooming experience. Prices vary according to breed and size.

We specialize in grooming small to medium dogs. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate larger dogs.

Dog Days Mini Spa Package

  • Nails trimmed and smoothed with a dremel
  • Ears cleaned and plucked if necessary
  • Hydro massage bath with premium shampoo and conditioner
  • Anal glands expressed (if needed, external only)
  • Hand blow drying with thorough brush and comb out
  • Feet and pads trimmed
  • Face neatened
  • Sanitary trim
  • Bandana or bow
  • Cologne

Dog Days Full Spa Package

  • Nails trimmed and smoothed with a dremel
  • Ears cleaned and plucked if necessary
  • Hydro massage bath with premium shampoo and conditioner
  • Anal glands expressed (if needed, external only)
  • Hand blow drying with thorough brush and comb out
  • Feet and pads trimmed
  • Face styled
  • Sanitary trim
  • Full haircut in the style chosen for your pet
  • De shed treatment if needed
  • Bandana or bow
  • Cologne

Dog Days Spa Bath Package

  • Nails trimmed
  • Ears cleaned
  • Hydro massage bath with premium shampoo and conditioner
  • Anal glands expressed (if needed, external only)
  • Hand blow drying
  • Brush and de-shed
  • Bandana or bow
  • Cologne


While these grooming packages aim to be all inclusive, occasionally an extra fee will be incurred:

  • Flea shampoo: $10
  • De-matting: $10 per 15 minutes. Severely matted pets will be given a short haircut. Then we can start over and grow him out into the style you want by scheduling regular grooming appointments. De-matting a severely matted pet can be painful and we strive to make the grooming experience a positive one.
  • Handling fee: $15. Some dogs require extra time due to aggression or sensitivity. These pets will be charged accordingly. We reserve the right to refuse service at any time due to aggression.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call us for an appointment! If we are busy grooming you will get our voicemail, so please leave a message! Let us know your name and number, what type of dog you have and your grooming needs. We will return your call as soon as possible, though it may be evening if it has been a busy day. You can also text or email.

What should I expect at our first appointment?

When you come in for your first appointment, we will fill out a client information card and get all relevant information about your pet’s health and any special concerns you may have. We will also discuss your pet’s grooming needs and type of haircut you want. We will go over our policies and sign a release form. You can download a copy HERE.

Do you require vaccinations?

We require that your pet’s rabies vaccine be up to date.

What size pets do you groom?

We groom small to medium size pets.

Do you offer appointments for nail trims only?

Yes, just call or text to set up a time to bring your dog in for a nail trim. We don't offer walk in nail trim services.
It only takes a few minutes and you can wait while it's done.

I have a new puppy, what should I do?

We recommend bringing your puppy in for a visit to meet us and have a positive experience in the salon prior to his first grooming appointment. We want him to enjoy coming in to see us! A fun visit where he can have cookies while being introduced to the grooming table and shown a brush and nail clippers will help him learn that grooming is a normal part of life and nothing to worry about. Just call and we can set up a time to do this at no charge.

Can you groom my matted pet?

Yes. If your pet has minimal matting we can de-mat him for an extra fee. If he is severely matted we will give him a short “start over” haircut. We won’t de-mat a severely matted pet as it can be both painful and stressful and we want him to have a positive grooming experience.

Do you allow pet parents to stay in your grooming facility?

We do not recommend pet parents staying with their pet during the grooming process. When your pet can see you he is more focused on you and less willing to be groomed. This is distracting for both the pet and groomer and can make the groom take longer than necessary. You are always welcome to tour the grooming salon before the groom.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, we require a 24 hour cancellation notice. Our schedule is designed around pet's appointment times and we need advance notice if there is to be a change.

Do you take credit or debit cards?

Yes. We take cards, cash and checks.

Do you offer reminder calls?

Yes, we will give a reminder call, text or email the day prior to your appointment.

Can you help with my pet’s shedding?

Yes, we can de-shed your pet during his bath and groom. Regular grooming will help with excessive shedding.

What kind of products do you use?

We use only premium shampoos and conditioners. We use a variety of brands, chosen for their effectiveness in different areas. If you have your own shampoo you wish us to use just let us know.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

About Us

Monica Addleman is the owner and professional groomer at Dog Days. She has over 20 years of experience which began after graduating college and realizing she wanted to work with animals.

Starting out as a bather she worked her way up, learning her craft from skilled and talented groomers. After many years of working at a grooming and boarding facility and then managing a salon in Charlottesville, Virginia she decided it was time to be her own boss and open her own salon! She opened a very successful salon, Palmyra Pet Grooming, in Fluvanna County, Virginia which she sold after six and a half years due to a move to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Taking a brief break from grooming Monica started a pet sitting business, while also trying out retail and restaurant management. While these ventures greatly increased her business acumen she missed grooming and the joy of having her own salon. A move to Florida was in order where she owned and operated a busy salon in Dunedin for over 8 years. The next venture was mobile grooming!
After 10 years in Florida it was time to return "home" to Virginia. Monica offered mobile grooming for four years in the area and has now opened Dog Days for grooming and supplies.

When not grooming, she enjoys hiking with her dogs, Camden and Jackson, as well as agility, nosework and dock diving training.

100 Crofton Place, Suite B, Palmyra, VA 22963
Phone: 434-832-9489


Thank you for choosing Dog Days! Our goal is to provide the best care possible for your pet. Below you will find a link to our policies and release form that you may view and print.

Sometimes grooming can expose or exacerbate a pre-existing condition. Dog Days will bring anything we find in the grooming process to your attention. If your pet is severely matted he will be given a short haircut to remove the mats. All precautions will be taken, however shaving a severely matted coat can involve some risk, to include nicks, irritation or abrasion.

If fleas are found we will automatically give a flea bath at an additional fee of $10. More time is required for a flea treatment as well as extra cleaning time post groom to ensure the salon remains flea free.

We require notice of any history of aggression. This will help to prevent injury during the grooming process. Some pets may incur a $15 handling fee for extra time and attention needed. We reserve the right to refuse service at any time due to aggression.

Cancellation policy: We require a 24 hour notice of cancellation. Our schedule is appointment based and we need notification to make adjustments. Repeated cancellations may result in the inability to book future appointments and a cancellation fee.

There is a $25 fee for returned checks.

Although accidents are extremely rare, there is always a small risk when working on a pet. In the event of any incident we will inform you immediately. If necessary we will transport your pet to a veterinarian. Any veterinary bills resulting from a pet being matted, senior, or from a pre-existing or unforeseeable condition will be the sole responsibility of the owner. Safety is of utmost importance to us and we take all necessary precautions.